Robert Mazzola

Founding Partner

Partner at Waterstone Edge, specializing in corporate law and IP. Expert in guiding startups through legal complexities with strategic counsel

About Robert Mazzola

Robert Mazzola is a Partner at Waterstone Edge, a Sacramento-based law practice. With a robust background as a corporate and intellectual property lawyer, Robert brings extensive expertise to the table. Over the course of his career, he has provided strategic counsel to numerous companies across various sectors, including startups, public companies, joint ventures, and consulting agencies. As a corporate and commercial transactions attorney, he specializes in guiding emerging technology companies and startups through complex legal challenges, including license agreements, sales agreements, NDAs, MSAs, IOs, and investment agreements, and also adeptly manages entire IP portfolios.

Background Experience

At the Am-100 law firm Haynes and Boone, Robert honed his skills in patent prosecution, collaborating with some of the largest tech companies in Silicon Valley. During his tenure at the Palo Alto office, he worked on over a hundred patent applications, responding to office actions, drafting applications, and filing in foreign jurisdictions.

At Pied Parker, he currently plays a pivotal role in expanding their patent portfolio from a single application to over several dozen pending applications and thirty issued patents. Robert's contributions extend beyond patent work, as he successfully facilitates multiple rounds of seed funding, has executed two acquisitions, and forged partnerships with two publicly traded companies.

During his time at NewsBreak, Robert demonstrated his negotiation prowess by securing hundreds of licensing deals with prominent media companies such as CNN, Fox News, Reuters, and Tegna. Today, as the driving force behind Waterstone Edge, Robert leads a dedicated team, consisting of an associate, paralegal, and admin assistant.

Passionate about leveraging his legal and entrepreneurial background, Robert is committed to helping companies achieve exponential growth while safeguarding their invaluable ideas and trade secrets. His track record speaks to his ability to navigate complex corporate transactions and intellectual property matters, making him a trusted partner for businesses seeking strategic legal counsel.

His top skills include Patent Prosecution, Contractual Agreements, Technology Transactions, Intellectual Property, and Corporate Governance