Arman Tabatabaei

Sr. Operations

Funding Facilitator | Alternative Finance/Real Estate | CRE | Capital Raise | Private Capital | Acquisition & Development | Strategy & Operations, Business Development | Ex CEO/CFO/COO |

About Arman

"With a distinguished career in executive management spanning diverse industries, I've honed a dynamic leadership style underscored by exceptional interpersonal skills, strategic acumen, and an unwavering commitment to operational excellence. My strategic vision is centered on driving efficiency, reducing costs, and propelling organizational success through decisive decision-making.Currently serving as Managing Director at The Coterie Group, a premier global capital and real estate advisory firm, I leverage my MBA in Global Business to deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of sponsors and investors across the Americas. I've orchestrated numerous high-value deals, generating substantial returns and fostering growth across various sectors. My adeptness in strategic planning and business development positions me as a results-driven leader adept at navigating complex challenges and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.Passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and innovators, I offer invaluable expertise in alternative finance and real estate, driving transformative outcomes for clients. As an executive poised at the forefront of industry innovation, I am primed to contribute to board roles in public, private, and start-up enterprises, leveraging my proven track record and strategic foresight to deliver unparalleled value and drive sustainable growth."

Background Experience

Arman has over 15 years of management and operations experience, with a Bachelor of Science and an MBA in Global Business, specializing in entrepreneurship. He has earned a strong reputation for a numbers-based analytical approach to the management of organizations.

Arman’s career has led him to the field of management consulting, where he excelled in structuring and launching start-ups in the financial, health services, and biotech industries. Notably, one of the start-ups he contributed to went public and held several patents and intellectual property rights. 

Arman is an expert at data collection and analysis relative to resource management, risk forecasting and profit and loss management. He has made significant progress in revamping the operations of several companies to date. Previously, he consulted with large corporations to create supply chain efficiencies using mathematical models and software such as JPM, SPSS and Minitab. 

Arman is a decisive and resilient leader, effectively driving organizational change through research, innovation, optimization, and systems development. Arman Tabatabaei's professional journey exemplifies his dedication to business innovation, operation and strategic leadership in the management, finance and real estate industries.