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Formation and Structuring

We assist startups with preparing corporate documents at all stages.

With formation and structuring, we help you find the right corporate structure that fits your needs, and help you build it cheaply, and with minimal operational costs.

LLC, S-corp, or C-corp?

• Oftentimes founders find themselves lost in a sea of impossible rules and regulations.  We help you navigate these intractable waters with ease and peace of mind.
• Does one of your members want to partner using his C-corp?
• Do you want pass-thru taxation?

We can answer all your questions and provide you with our standard documents at minimal cost.

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Our Intellectual Property practice offers experienced and prudent advice on all facets of intellectual property protection.

While there are several different flavors of Intellectual Property, the most important IP protections for startups, not surprisingly, are patents.
Why Patents?

One of the top ten questions asked by venture capitalists looking to invest in companies is whether you have anything that keeps others from doing what you want to do.  Saying that you at least have a provisional patent application (a “provisional”) on file will speak volumes more than any other answer in the negative.  Getting a provisional on file should be cheap and cost minimal fees.


Waterstone Edge’s patent practice helps clients build a prolific and formidable patent portfolios to help clients leverage intellectual property and establish a competitive edge.  Our attorneys have worked with thousands of patents, in fields such as software, electronics medical devices, energy devices, and information technology.

Our team helps you foster the growth of the portfolio at the rate that makes sense for your company and at your budget. We work with other partners and foreign counsel to give you a panoply of options with expanding your intellectual property regime around the world.


Our Copyright practice strongly emphasizes gaining a competitive advantage through strategic copyright protection.

Registration: Registering copyright should be easy.  We help you understand the copyright system and tell you what and when you should register.

Source code: Registering copyright for your source code is essential to protecting your company’s assets as much as requesting non-disclosure agreements is for protecting trade secrets. Ask us about how to protect your source code.

DMCA enforcement: we help with dealing with DMCA complaints, issuing complaints against others, and how to keep your website in compliance with DMCA regulations.


Our Trademark practice is deeply dedicated to strategic counseling and protection.

• We help you obtain trademark protection quickly and cheaply.
• We assist clients in clearance, prosecution, and identifying and dealing with policing matters.
• We assist clients in negotiating trademark licenses and cooperative agreements that give our clients a strategic advantage.
• Substantial experience providing trademark and related intellectual property rights counseling in corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Trade Secrets

Vigilant and persistent trade secret and confidential information policies and programs are often the most effective and cheapest way to protect your intellectual property.  We work closely with our clients to modify, design, and implement effective trade secret practices and policies.

Our technology-focused trade secret practice provides you with the piece of mind you need to carry on productive business relationships.

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Business, Employment, and Consumer Contracts

B2B Contracts

We work with our clients to create business-to-business contracts that foster a cooperative working relationship to avoid upset expectations.
We handle intellectual property ownership concerns, confidentiality measures, arbitration clauses, and other important aspects of building an established business relationship between parties.  We help you find the best fit in drafting contract language that is agreeable, fair, concise, and, most importantly, enforceable.

We help you determine whether a joint venture is right for you and if so, which type. We will help you structure the right deal that will give you the best advantage to cooperate with business partners

B2C Contracts

Our consumer contracts are built customized for your needs, and the relationships you anticipate with your consumers.  We help you write your terms and conditions, privacy policy, and important notices to have that ensure a harmonious business experience with your clients.

Employer Contracts

We help clients with their contracts with their employees and independent contractors. We help you navigate the complex employment issues that arise frequently with technology related business, and address any and all concerns.

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